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So after almost a month of protesting and holding their ground demanding that Hosni Mubarak be removed as the president of Egypt, they finally won.  Mubarak finally resigned and turned over power the head of the military in Egypt.  Aljazeera reported on the full details, but as an anarchist/revolutionist It fills me full of great joy to see this happen.  This has had world wide effects that most people don’t realize, first of all oil prices are dropping world wide.  Also it made tens of thousands of  Americans realize that their own government needs to be put in check also with it’s effort to create an Internet kill switch and it’s shady attempt to renew the unethical patriot act.  Luckily their is a group Demand Progress who is taking the lead and organizing people to speak up and voice their opinion.

The best part is, it appears to be working.  Enough people signed their petition and contacted their representatives that the bill got squashed.  Demand Progress notes though that while this is a great win, it’s not over and they still have a few more weeks to try to sneak it through again, and chance are they might get it if we don’t get more people on board and more angry rant letters sent to more representatives.  So go here and sign up.

Demand Progress isn’t the only grass roots charity fighting to stop governments from trying to censor citizens from accessing the Internet when they disagree, a new group called A Human Right has started raising money to create free worldwide Internet access for all people by utilizing unused cycles on satellites and by even buying some of there own.

Their whole argument is that the collective of human intelligence available on the Internet should be considered a basic human right.  With everything that has happened recently in egypt, it makes me realize that is absolutely true and I’ve since volunteered to help with their project how ever I can.

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