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Wordpress eCommerce Data Feeder (2)

When Import runs I get one Item added and all the rest just say updating.

This is because you don’t define a style.  The style is how you link parent products.  So each product should have a unique style.  If a product has variations (I.E. Different sizes and colors) they would still have the same style.  This is the product identifier.  Each variant can and usually should have different SKU’s and/or UPC’s

How do I debug eCommerce Feeder

If you are brave enough and want to see whats going on under the hood you can can turn on debugging in eCommerce Feeder by editing ecommerce-feeder/register.php and setting the following

//Only uncomment if you want to do debugging

Assuming that the webserver has the proper write access the next time you run an import you will see a file called ecommerce-feeder.log in your ecommerce-feeder directory.