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Looking to Migrate osCommerce to WordPress eCommerce?  Now you can,  I’d like to introduce the osCommerce Migrate tool for Wp-e-Commerce.

Once a upon a time you really only had one choice when it came to an opensource php cart and it was called osCommerce.  This worked for many people for a long time.  The problem is that osCommerce stalled and stopped evolving with the rest of the web. Well, now their are lots of new opensource php shopping carts.  One of the best OpenSource shopping carts in my opinion is WordPress e-Commerce.

The osCommerce Migrate plugin is in beta and for the next month it will even be free to all who signup.  After which you will be able to buy the plugin for $30 on the GetShopped website.  Please note, this is for the 2.x version of osCommerce a 3.x version will be out soon.


  • Imports products
    • Works with products that have Variants/Options/Attributes (I.E. Sizes, Colors or anything else)
    • Retains Category relationships
    • Copies product image(s)
  • Imports Customers
    • It even imports the users passwords so no passwords will need to be reset.
    • User address information gets copied.

Backup Your Database

Before you use this plugin I most caution you BACKUP YOUR DATABASE NOW!  This is not a joke.  Unless this is a test WordPress site and you don’t care about your site, be sure to backup your database before going any further.  This plugin is beta; You may want to tweak your osCommerce side and run it again; You may loose power when the plugin is running;  Your server might timeout. Their are a lot of things that can gone wrong and if you have a db backup then you can easily recover.  If you have a problem and come to be for support, the very first thing I will ask is do you have a backup?  I take no responsibility if you don’t backup your site and database.

With that said, you should be able to run this plugin multiple times without issue.  Once it imports your products and customers each time it runs after it is really just doing updates.

How does it work?

The new plugin builds off the free Ecommerce Feeder.  So in order to use this plugin you must first install the Ecommerce Feeder plugin (and activate it).  Then install the osCommerce Migrate plugin (and activate it).  When you login to your Dashboard look under the Tools menu eCommerce Feeder .

If you’ve installed and activated the osCommerce Migrate plugin then when you go to the eCommerce Feeder you’ll have a new Source called osCommerce import.

   Select this source and then input your database credentials.  It will also ask you to give it the url to your osCommerce store.  This url should include all the way to your catalog.  For example if your osCommerce is installed in a subdirectory it would look like http://example.com/oscommerce/catalog  If your oscommerce is installed in the root of your site then just give it the root url.    The site url is only needed if you would like the migrate plugin to import your product images.  It even supports multiple product images.

  If no URL is given, no images will be imported.  You’ll also see you need to select the Purpose for this import, you can select Products or Customer Accounts. You must do one at a time.   Depending on how many customers and products you have this processes can take a long time.  In fact in some cases you may need to configure your PHP’s timeout and memory limit to temporarily be higher.

You’ll notice you have two options after you’ve filled out the form.  Save Job and Run Job  If you click save all your settings will be remembered and you can access via the right menu at any time.    If you click run, then sit back because this processes as I stated before can take a while.  When it completes it will tell you how many products/variants or customers accounts where imported or updated.  You have to make sure though that when it’s running you don’t interrupt it.

After you’ve run the import and imported your products and customers you should leave the plugin activated.  This is because the way the Customer import works.  Since passwords are hashed their is no way to decrypt the password ever.  osCommerce doesn’t even actually have the ability to decrypt the password.  In fact each time you login to WordPress or osCommerce the systems actually just rehash your password and compare it to what is stored in the database.

What this plugin does is actually implement the osCommerce password algorithm inside WordPress.  The first time your customer logs into your site it will comparte it against the osCommerce password and if the compare is successful it will rehash your password with the WordPress algorithm.

Wanna be in the beta? Signup below.

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Trouble Shooting

The plugin is designed to not time out, but some PHP installs will cause a timeout anyways.  For example if you are using a shared host like Dreamhost you may need to update your users php settings by following these instructions.  I recommend setting the memory limit to 128Mb and timeout to 9999 during the initial import.  Afterwards return the values back to their default value.

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  1. Bill says:

    Is this plugin ever going to be released?

  2. Actually it was already released. What version of osCommerce you using?

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