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We all have a mark we’d like to leave on the world.

Need an engineer for a large complex project?  Perhaps you have a sensitive site or server you need hosted.  Weather it’s security, hosting, programing or networking you can hire us to make sure it’s done safe and securely.  Over the last decade our engineers have developed applications for state and federal governments large University and several retailers.

We’ve delivered large enterprise solutions based on OpenSource software giving our customer the ultimate control over their data and their future.  Don’t get locked into proprietary software that will penalize you and hurt you time and again by locking to their platform once they have your data.  Open systems insure you have the fullest control of your data and our helpful engineers can guide you to the projects that have proven track records with large supporting communities.

Most companies are put off by the idea of Open Source software because they are worried about support.  The reality is Open Source communities are full of free and paid support.  Often times it far exceeds the support of even the largest proprietary solutions.  Take the Linux kernel, one of the recent kernel versions had 190 different companies dedicating 1125 developers to work on it.  If you look online their are over 100k different mailing list and support forms.  Support is even available in every modern language.  Now that’s just the free support!


Our hosting servers are located in a nuclear bomb shelter in Sweden.   If you have a website where you need to make sure the provider wont try to silence your voice, then lets chat.  We can put you online and keep you there safe and securely.  This isn’t a service for hosting pirated media etc this is a true secure unstoppable cloud.

We provide …

  • Encrypted Cloud Storage
  • Secure Dedicated Servers (To insure security we don’t allow co-location)
  • Secure Web Hosting (With remote SSH shell)
  • Free security scanning for all our customers
  • 24/7 Phone Support

There is no set price schedule because no two projects are the same and different needs decide the price.

Web Application Development

Need an application to connect your office together?  Perhaps you just need some recommendations on how to solve a problem.  Our custom web development team can get you to your end goal productivity.  Utilizing the best industry standards in performance and security we can develop applications quickly!  When their done they don’t require a degree to use.  Everything utilizes simple principles of user interface design to make the learning curve as small and simple as possible.

Why reinvent the wheel?

Before we begin any project we do the homework for you to make sure their isn’t already a viable free or OpenSource solution readily available.  By providing our customers with these OpenSource solutions we are supporting the OpenSource community and providing our customers with a business continuity plan that has global potential.

Computer Security

Computer security is everyone’s greatest fear these days.  Whether is getting you PCI/SOX or HIPPA compliant, securing your network, testing your applications, auditing your code or developing policies we can guide through it to make sure you have peace of mind.


New standards are being put out that make companies responsible for the private information they hold.  These compliance certifications require careful planing and training to complete.

PCI DSS or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards is a large constantly changing requirement for anyone accepting payments online.  This set of standards is designed to make sure you are thinking about your customers information and taking all the necessary steps to protect it.  It’s divided into 12 difficult to understand sections that seem impossible.  Our team can get you through them in a timely manner and make sure you not only comply but understand what they mean and how to continue to follow them

SOX or Sarbanes Oxley is a security standard put in place by the SEC and a requirement of any company that is publicly traded.  Just as complicated as the PCI requirement with far greater penalties for non-compliance.  Don’t get in trouble because your computer infrastructure isn’t compliant.  We’ll work with your legal department to document and certify your network end to end.

HIPAA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is another government compliance rule that requires any company working with individuals health information to adhere to.  While not nearly as complicated as the other too, the repercussions are just as great.  let us help you get your company compliant with HIPAA by showing you how to train you users and secure your data.