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So I’ve been spending the last several months working with the WordPress eCommerce team on developing a really awesome new eCommerce shopping cart for wordpress.  I’ve been mainly working on the 3.8-dev branch helping get the bugs out, cleaning code, adding in some feautres here and there etc.  Alas I’ve been burning the candles at both ends because on top of the work I’ve been doing on the core code I’ve written a few plugins.

The first WordPress eCommerce (or wpec) plugin I’ve developed is a plugin that allows you to pull all your items from a backend datasource like another database.  This was originally written for use with JDS WinRetail 10.x.  You can use it to import all your products and variants (Even pictures if you have them) into wpec.  I’m now updating this plugin to export the orders back to WinRetail.  This will make the solution come full circle.  The code has been written in a way that I can use any backend, not use sql.  So expect a more compelte follow up plugin that allows you to use cvs, xml, rss, json etc.

The other plugin that is currently in beta is an Authorize.Net plugin for doing the payment part.  This is really a special plugin as it has support for the Authorize.Net AIM & CIM api’s .  If you are not familiar with these two I’ll break it down.

The AIM or Advanced Integration Method allows you to send xml request and get xml responses back from authorize.net.  It makes it so you can have the users not have to leave your site like you would with google checkout or paypal.

The CIM or Customer Information Manager allows you to store the customer information on the authorize.net servers.  This is awesome because it takes PCI responsibility away from you and puts it on Authorize.net.  In this mode you can store 10 Credit Card Numbers and 100 Address.

During the checkout processes the users has the option to store or use any addresses/credit cards associated with their account.  Preventing them from having to type the info in everytime.

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