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Tired of having to manually input each of your items into WordPress eCommerce one by one.  If you have a large cataloge, it’s a nightmare I know.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make it pull from our inventory management system and just be seemless…  Well it can for only three easy payments of $19.95 and one really hard one.  Why will it be hard, the payment will be in a different currency, the post man will be shot during delivery, the original munchkins for the Wizard of Oz will be on strike…  Ok well, maybe the payment part if just B.S. due to lack of sleep.

The important thing is I’ve developed a plugin to pull product information and inventory from another backend.


Migrate From Zencart

Migrate From OsCommerce

Migrate From Cart-66


Wordpress eCommerce Data Feeder

When Import runs I get one Item added and all the rest just say updating.

This is because you don’t define a style.  The style is how you link parent products.  So each product should have a unique style.  If a product has variations (I.E. Different sizes and colors) they would still have the same style.  This is the product identifier.  Each variant can and usually should have different SKU’s and/or UPC’s

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How do I debug eCommerce Feeder

If you are brave enough and want to see whats going on under the hood you can can turn on debugging in eCommerce Feeder by editing ecommerce-feeder/register.php and setting the following

//Only uncomment if you want to do debugging

Assuming that the webserver has the proper write access the next time you run an import you will see a file called ecommerce-feeder.log in your ecommerce-feeder directory.

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