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7/14/2011 Update:I’m proud to announce that this plugin is now part of the Official Gold Cart Plugin. Also automated recurring billing was added to support subscriptions.

So I’ve lightly discussed it already. The new wpec authorize.net plugin  for WordPress eCommerce 3.8 is nearly complete.  I thought I would take a momment to pass along some documentation and pictures to everyone who may be following this.

As you can see this module supports two of the authorize.net librarys the AIM & CIM (see http://developer.authorize.net/api/).  In this first screen show you see the checkout processes where they user has selected to use credit card and can now choose to use a card he already has on file much like paypal.  He also has the option to input a new card.  With the newly entered card the user also has the choice to save this card for easier checkout next time he buys something.  Note to wpec admins, the card will only be saved if it successfully authenticates on checkout.

One of the great things about authorize.net is you have the choice of using credit cards or eChecks.  As you can see below, if you choose eCheck instead of Credit Card, you will then be given the echeck input form.

Setup and configuration for this plugin is very simple.  After you do the standard wordpress setup of copying the wpec-authorize.net plugin to the wordpress/wp-content/plugins directory you just go to the plugins panel and activate.  Now all you have to do is configure this plugin under the WordPress Ecommerce Store Settings in the admin panel.

Some of the things you will notice right of the bat is how few options there are.  Too many options causes too many problems.  You enter your authorize.net api login and transaction key.  If your just setting this up for the first time you should probably select the Test Mode option as this will send all request against the test servers.  You should definitely do several test against the test servers before you turn it active.  When doing testing, use the credit card number 4111111111111111 and then any expiration date in the future and anything for the ccv code.  This will pass as a valid card on the test servers.

The other two options in this window have to do with how you will be running your business.

The Enable CIM option will allow you to store the users credit card or bank account information on the server (Ship To address will be added in the near future).  Don’t just enable it without first following the link and reading more about it from Authorize.net  You must have your account configured to use this before it will work and it will cost you an extra $20 a month.  This option has one really big benefit though, which is organization.  All the sensitive information I.E. credit card numbers, banking info will be stored on Authorize.Net’s servers and the user will be assigned a token to access this information.  This token gets saved to the users meta information.

The final option Verify First, Capture Later, this has to do with how you handle order fulfilment.  Some companies prefer to just but a hold on the hard for the available funds and then actually collect the money later when they are ready to ship the goods.  This has a big benefit that if they happen to be out of stock on something or if they can’t fulfill the order for what ever reason they don’t upset the customer by having already charged their card. Without this checked, when a users checks out, it will just immediately charge the users account and start the processes to transfer the funds over.  One thing you should note, holds on funds will only be good for 30 days.  After that any hold you had on the funds disappears, and when you try to collect the payment the order status will then change to Payment Declined.

In order collect the payment when using Verify First, Capture Later, just go into the admin panel and select the order under the Store Sales.  As you see below, you now have a link to capture the sales.   Aside from collecting the payment from the user it also changes the order status from Order Received to Accepted Payment.  In fact if you want want to collect the payment for several orders at once, just go to the store sales page and you can make it collect the payment for any of them by just changing the status from Order Received to Accepted Payment.

Now if the user decides they no longer want to have their personal information stored by us (On Authorize.Net’s Servers) or if a card is old and they want it removed from the list, they will now have a new link under their My Account page where they can do that as well.

All The user has to do is just select the payment profile they want removed and click delete.  That’s it, the page will refresh and the payment profile will no longer be held for them.

As I stated earlier this plugin is just now getting to a beta point,  It still needs a bit of work like a more complete order management system.

2 thoughts on “WordPress eCommerce Shopping Cart Authorize.Net Plugin

  1. Hello,

    Just curious where I might be able to download this plugin for use. I can’t seem to find it in the WP plugin directory.


    • analogrithems says:

      Well, actually it’s now part of the official Gold Cart http://getshopped.org/extend/premium-upgrades/. It has been selected to replace their previous version since mine adds CIM, AIM and now per request ARB. If you aren’t sure what those are, they refer to implementing various Authorize.Net API’s.

      The CIM API allows your customers to choose to store their card on file with you. To mitigate the risk on your end, the card information is actually stored on Authoize.Net’s servers and you just store a token in the users meta data that refers to that credit card or bank account.

      The AIM is the standard Authorize.net API that does a normal transaction when you aren’t looking to store or use a card stored on file

      The ARB is for handling subscriptions and recurring billing.

      The great thing about it being included in the Gold Cart is that you get access to the paid support from getshopped so if you have any troubles or questions they’ll jump right on it and you wont have to wait on someone from the community.

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